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Kamagra (Sildenafil)

Reviewed by Peggy Coryat, RPh, October 10, 2023

How does Kamagra work?   Key Ingredients   Dosage   US vs. Canada Prices   Drug Interactions   Side Effects

Erectile dysfunction (ED) isn’t a health concern to keep quiet about. This unpleasant medical condition affecting 300+ million men worldwide can seriously deteriorate the quality of one’s sex life, cause emotional distress and relationship issues, and negatively impact a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

Science has long discovered the perfect solution to managing the bothersome symptoms of ED. Today, brand-name Viagra, one of Pfizer’s most groundbreaking inventions, is widely accessible through pharmacies and online retailers, offering relief and hope to countless individuals diagnosed with ED. However, the high cost of this branded medication is a factor stopping a lot of men from getting the help they so desperately need.

Luckily, there are cheaper and equally effective alternatives available. One such product in particular is Kamagra. Here is more about this medication and some recommendations on how to acquire it safely, easily, and legally, including through online Canadian pharmacies.

Kamagra helps men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. It has been very effective in managing ED symptoms at any stage of the disease. Whether the condition is caused by physical or psychological factors, poor lifestyle choices, or age, Kamagra can restore and improve male sexual function and stamina.

To find out if Kamagra is right for them, patients should talk to a qualified healthcare provider and have a thorough health checkup. The following symptoms, usually associated with ED, might be a good reason to consider seeking professional advice from a licensed healthcare specialist:

  • Having repeated problems getting or keeping a satisfactory erection for sex (even when feeling sexually aroused and receiving ample sexual stimulation)
  • Feeling less interested in sex or not wanting it as much (complete absence of morning erections)
  • Feeling worried, stressed, or upset about how you perform during sex
  • Taking medicines or receiving treatments that can make it hard to have an erection
  • Experiencing age-related changes in sexual function

Kamagra is a powerful drug that helps overcome all of the above difficulties, but its suitability and safety can only be determined by a healthcare specialist. That is why it is so important for men to be willing to openly discuss their sexual health with a doctor.

How Does Kamagra Work to Remove ED Symptoms?

Kamagra is an Indian generic medication, a complete analog of the original Viagra. Like brand-name Viagra, it contains sildenafil citrate (PDE-5 inhibitor). The action of sildenafil is aimed at improving blood flow to the penis. It does so by relaxing and widening the blood vessels in this organ and allowing more blood to flow in. As the erectile tissue in the penis fills with blood, it causes this organ of the male reproductive system to expand and become firm, the process also known as getting an erection.

At a more chemical level, the action of sildenafil involves inhibiting a blood flow-regulating enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) in the body. PDE5 in men with erectile dysfunction needs to be inhibited because it prematurely breaks down nitric oxide, a chemical messenger that signals the relaxation of the smooth muscle cells within the blood vessels of the penis, thus limiting blood flow and making it difficult for the penis to achieve and keep an erection.

Sildenafil slows down PDE5, letting nitric oxide work longer. It helps keep the blood vessels relaxed and allows more blood to reach the erectile tissue in the penis. This extra blood makes the penis expand and stay firm, ensuring a robust erection and giving men a long enough time to engage in a satisfying sexual activity with their partner.

Key Ingredients and Their Effects

The main component of Kamagra and the substance that makes this drug so effective against ED symptoms is sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil is a member of the drug class known as a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor that helps delay the breakdown of a specific chemical messenger – nitric oxide (NO) – essential for forming a strong erection in sexually aroused men. The higher the NO levels, the longer the erection lasts, and sildenafil citrate in Kamagra makes that happen.

Other components contributing to the effects of Kamagra include microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, sodium starch, povidone, talc, hypromellose, titanium dioxide, etc. These are inactive ingredients, meaning they do not provide any therapeutic benefits by themselves but help keep the key active component stable, effective, and safe.

How Much to Take: Dosage and Administration

As with any other medicinal product, adhering to the dosage and administration regimen of Kamagra recommended by the prescribing physician is important for the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. The initial recommended dose of Kamagra is 50mg, which equals 50 milligrams of sildenafil citrate. Based on the person’s response to the treatment, that dose can be decreased or increased later. Kamagra 100mg tablets are considered the maximum safe dose of this drug taken at once.

Here are key recommendations for the proper use of Kamagra:

  • Healthcare providers recommend taking Kamagra approximately 30 minutes to one hour before engaging in planned sexual activity.
  • Optimal results with this medication are achieved when the drug is taken on an empty stomach or following light meals.
  • Taking Kamagra with alcohol or grapefruit juice is strictly not advised as these two combined with the medication can not only reduce its effectiveness but also increase the risk of side effects related to BP changes.
  • A single dose of Kamagra should be taken not more often than once every 24 hours.
  • Kamagra or any other ED medications in the PDE5 inhibitor class cannot produce an erection on their own, and sexual stimulation is always required to make them work effectively.

It is crucially important for patients to remember that exceeding the recommended dose of the drug and taking more than what is prescribed by the physician is unsafe. It might not lead to a noticeable increase in the effectiveness of such treatment but will greatly enhance the likelihood of side effects and negative reactions. Consulting with a licensed medical specialist to determine the correct and safe dose of Kamagra is paramount.

How Do Kamagra Prices in the US Compare to the Cost of This Drug in Canada?

Kamagra is a robust and affordable ED treatment available to millions of men in the US and around the globe.

Due to the differences in the healthcare systems and regulations, Kamagra prices can vary significantly between the United States and Canada, with this drug being much more affordably priced in Canada.

US brand-name medications are often more expensive due to patent protection. It makes brand-name ED meds like Viagra very costly. Generic alternatives like Kamagra purchased within the US, while much cheaper than brand-name options, can still stretch one’s budget thin.

On the other hand, Canada typically offers lower medication prices due to government regulation of drug pricing. Generic medications like Kamagra, especially when purchased online, can be a more budget-friendly option for managing erectile dysfunction.

A quick comparison of the Kamagra 100mg tablet prices across US-based drugstores and Canadian online pharmacies shows that this medicine can be at least twice as cheap in Canada and sell for as low as just $0.93 per pill.

Drug Interactions

When combined with certain other medications, Kamagra can sometimes form unwanted and unsafe interactions that reduce the effectiveness of this PDE5 inhibitor and cause side effects. Among the drugs that should not be taken simultaneously with Kamagra are nitrates and guanylate cyclase (GC) stimulators (both can cause severe drops in the person’s BP when taken alongside sildenafil-containing meds), alpha-blockers, other PDE5 inhibitors, and certain antifungals and antibiotics.

To make sure they do not expose themselves to dangerous drug interactions, men taking Kamagra should always consult their healthcare provider before starting treatment with this ED solution.

Understanding Side Effects

While not everyone experiences them, Kamagra may cause side effects in some individuals. Reactions that may appear in patients after taking a dose of Kamagra include headaches, dizziness, facial flushing, nasal congestion, upset stomach, and – rarely – color vision changes. These effects are usually mild and pass quickly on their own. However, if the person experiences severe or persistent side effects, it is crucial to seek medical attention promptly.


Please keep in mind that this is not the full description of the product, so some of the minor details could have been left out. Even though we try to provide you with accurate information, we cannot guarantee that this product will be suitable for you. Under no circumstances should this information be used instead of professional medical consultation. Speaking to your doctor is vital for getting an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.