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Our Staff

Your Canadian Pharmacy is known not only for its quality products, excellent delivery, loyal prices, but also for the highly qualified specialists who work for us. We are one of the leaders of the Canadian retail pharmaceutical market. We help people be healthy, and therefore happy!

Hundreds of employees who have come to work at our company have appreciated how great it is to build a career in a company that cares about people. Our pharmacy network is growing rapidly, and we are happy to add new people, knowledge and opportunities to our team. We are happy to note that our team employs exclusively highly qualified specialists with the necessary education and big experience. Every year our pharmacy employees undergo advanced training and constantly develop their knowledge and skills. The success of our company largely depends on the responsiveness, professionalism and dedication of our employees.

We are proud of our specialists who are ready to help clients in different formats: by phone, in round-the-clock chat and offline pharmacies. Doctors and pharmacists select manufacturers and products, check instructions and characteristics of drugs and help select safe analogues of drugs. Working in Your Canadian pharmacy chain is an opportunity for university students and graduates to build a career in the pharmacy of the future.

Our Team: