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Ear piercing

In our pharmacy, you can pierce the ears without pain using System 75. We guarantee compliance with sterility rules, a careful approach and high-quality materials. System 75 is a modern safe ear-piercing technology from the American company Studex.

The principle of operation is the use of disposable cartridges containing earring needles made of surgical steel with special sharpening. At the same time, the surfaces of the device itself do not come into contact with either human skin or jewelry, which ensures complete sterility and, accordingly, the safety of the procedure. Another key difference and advantage of System 75 is the high-quality, correct sharpening of the ends of the earrings. Studex needle earrings carefully pierce the earlobe and automatically close with a secure clasp, eliminating the loss of jewelry and the feeling of pressure. If desired, you can perform several punctures in one visit or pierce only one ear. In this case the second earring from the pair is stored in a sterile cartridge and given to the client. It can be used later.

A piercing using System 75 takes 15–30 minutes. You simply come to the clinic and choose jewelry, then the nurse inserts the cartridge into the puncture device, treats the surface of the earlobes with an antiseptic and punctures at the designated points. Ear piercing at home or in beauty salons is not the best solution due to the lack of guarantee of compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards, so preference should be given to medical centers and pharmacies with appropriate service options.

Contraindications for ear piercing:

  • Acute respiratory diseases and viral infections (ARI, ARVI),
  • Skin diseases in the acute stage,
  • Diabetes,
  • Exacerbation of bronchial asthma,
  • Blood diseases (it is possible to perform a puncture after approval from a hematologist).

For successful healing, the following recommendations must be followed after piercing:

  • Needle earrings must be worn for 1.5 months without removing them — during this period the puncture channel is formed and healed.
  • For the first 2–3 days, avoid excessive physical activity, washing your hair and visiting swimming pools, ponds, baths and saunas.
  • For 7–10 days, morning and evening, treat the puncture sites on both sides with chlorhexidine, and also check whether the earlobes are pinched by the jewelry.
  • After 3–4 days, begin to carefully twist the earrings and move them back and forth for 1 minute. There is no need to remove the fastener. This way, you can avoid stagnation in the canal and make it wider for the comfortable wearing of jewelry.
  • After the canal has healed and the needle earrings have been removed, it is recommended to use products with a similar pin diameter (0.9 mm). It is also recommended to avoid jewelry with an English lock. This will help protect the formed canal from damage and subsequent inflammation.