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Medical Supplies

Your Canadian pharmacy is more than just pills, mixtures and syrups, our company takes care of the people who have special needs both permanently and temporary. We also provide home medical devices and supplies to help you feel better. At our website you can find necessary medical supplies and equipment for your particular needs. Our knowledgeable staff can also assist you and suggest the most suitable pharmaceutical items.

Medical equipment for home

Just a few years ago, a couple of medications that relieve pain, reduce temperature and normalize blood pressure were enough for home first aid kit. However, now doctors and specialists recommend modern medical equipment and household products for health. These include not only thermometers and tonometer for measuring blood pressure, but also other devices. You can buy medical equipment for your home on the company’s website. Among the wide range of products, you can find bactericidal air recirculators, irradiators and other devices. At our online pharmacy you can find:

  • bathroom safety items;
  • compressive garments;
  • fitness equipment and accessories;
  • products for urinary incontinence;
  • canes, crutches and walkers;
  • different kinds of ostomy bags and accessories;
  • treatment devices. Devices intended for the treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, digestive and other diseases;
  • devices for somnological correction and treatment of disorders affecting biological rhythms;
  • hearing amplifiers;
  • physiotherapeutic devices that are used for magnetic therapy and electrotherapy;
  • glucometers;
  • wound care supplies.

Medical equipment for hospitals

Carrying out therapeutic and diagnostic measures in a hospital or outpatient setting requires not only the professionalism of doctors, but also modern medical equipment. Types of medical equipment:

  • therapeutic, intended for medical examinations, for example, a tonometer or pulse oximeter;
  • diagnostic, the main goal of which is to identify pathological foci and assess the condition of organs and tissues using innovative technologies;
  • surgical, which includes the entire range of instruments and furniture;
  • physiotherapeutic, which is aimed at the treatment and prevention of various diseases;
  • laboratory, which includes not only high-precision equipment, but also chemical reagents intended for analysis.