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The Convenience of Online Ordering and Refills


We have been one of the best healthcare companies, striving to make the process of buying prescribed and non-prescribed drugs as easy as possible. If you want to buy products online, you should follow these steps:

  1. Region selection. Before you start, the system will automatically detect the region in which you are located. Also, you can choose the necessary region and country yourself.
  2. Search and add products to your cart. The product can be found in several ways: using the search bar or using the catalog.
  3. Selecting a delivery method and authorization. After selecting the delivery method, you must log in using your phone number or email or register if you are on the site for the first time.
  4. Information. It’s necessary to fill in all the address and contact information, as well as to choose payment method. If you need to get prescribed medicine, don’t forget to send us a prescription via email.
  5. Confirmation and ordering. The final stage of placing an order, here you can use your bonuses and discounts (if any). Please check the following before finishing:
  6. List of ordered goods
  7. Cost of goods with details
  8. Your specified delivery address.


If you have some urgent needs and don’t have time to visit your doctor, you can use our service for an additional fee to get your 90-day prescription refill. A new prescription will be sent to your pharmacy, or you’ll get the opportunity to buy the necessary drugs online.

You can also get refills by RX number. It’s a fast and easy process, as you don’t need to send your prescription one more time if it’s still valid. Try to take care of your refills in advance.


Our company provides the best delivery options for both local and international orders. You can place your order 24/7, and our assistance service is also available round the clock. After making the order, you can choose the shipment method and pay it by card. There are two available shipping options.

Shipping optionPriceTerm of deliveryTracking
Express$307–15 daysYes
Standard$1014–25 daysNo

The process of placing your order is carried out during business hours on a first-come, first-served basis. Shipping costs and terms of delivery also depend on the country and region of shipment. Sometimes, due to the international shipment policy and customs control, the delivery time may be increased. In the event of a delay, you can cancel the order and receive a refund. You can learn more at our Return and Refund page.