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Rudy Nolasco, RPh – Manager

Meet Rudy Nolasco – our talented and dedicated Canadian Pharmacy Manager.

A well-regarded professional in the world of pharmacy, Rudy holds a Master’s in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and has an impressive 15+ years’ experience in this field. He competently guides all our day-to-day operations and aids in strategic decision-making to facilitate our business’s future growth.  

From managing pharmacy staff to supervising safe and efficient medication dispensing and ensuring our business adheres to legal and regulatory requirements, Rudy is always at the forefront, working hard and using his extensive knowledge of pharmacology to guarantee excellence in our pharmacy’s performance and deliver top-notch service to our clients.

Away from the job, Rudy is a devoted family man, an active community member, and a massive fan of the sporty lifestyle. He firmly believes in good health being the biggest asset and has dedicated his life and career to helping others maintain and improve it.