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Consultations and Express Tests

Canadian pharmacy provides medical activities with full-time medical specialists. As part of this program, we have organized special consultation centers, where the visitor receives recommendations from a therapist, cardiologist, surgeon, neurologist, sexologist, pediatrician, homeopath, herbalist, nutritionist, cosmetologist, gynecologist and doctors of other specialties. Contact vision correction and optometry are well organized. We also have centers for the treatment of various diseases, where highly specialized doctors take care of visitors and offer the corresponding medications. You can make an appointment with a doctor by calling the pharmacy helpline.

Moreover, on the basis of our pharmacy you have the opportunity to use the following medical services:

  • measure blood pressure;
  • conduct rapid pregnancy testing;
  • check blood glucose and cholesterol levels;
  • get tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia;
  • receive first aid: bandaging, intramuscular injections;
  • get the services of a massage therapist.

Thanks to the advent of various chemical reagents in the form of test strips, it has become possible to provide express diagnostic services for pregnancy, STDs, and drug levels in the body. The presence in the assortment of pharmacies of devices for home use to determine the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood makes it possible to provide such services to patients who do not have the financial means to purchase these devices. Also, one of the demanded services is the use of the electroacupuncture method, which combines the basics of traditional Chinese acupuncture with the capabilities of modern electronics, to diagnose the conditions of organs and tissues based on energy balance.

Pre-medical care is a traditional service in our pharmacies, since a pharmacy is a healthcare institution and is obliged to provide first aid. Every pharmacy has a first-aid kit with the necessary medications and dressings. In addition, there are offices where we have the opportunity to organize intramuscular injections and inhalations.